10 Mistakes You Should Avoid To Keep Your Home Cozy

all we know that the dirtiest place in our apartments is the kitchen and the worst part is the “harmless” dish sponge. While taking care of our cozy homes, we often do things intuitively, like cleaning the windows on a sunny day or placing the toilet paper roll so that the paper comes from “under.” And some decisions result in a wasted effort or, worse, in some serious hygienic mistakes.

we found out that we’ve been doing many things around the house in the wrong way. We’ve decided to shine a spotlight on our mistakes. Here are some wise pieces of advice we’ve discovered and would love to share with you too.


Using plastic door handles

There are a wide variety of doorknobs available in the market today so there’s one for every person regardless of their taste. However, it’s imperative that we choose doorknobs made out of materials that are hygienic.

The ones that are made from brass are said to have the highest level of safety because of the self-disinfecting properties of brass. Bacteria and viruses never make it on brass materials. On the other hand, plastic and stainless steel are said to be a comfortable place for bacteria to thrive.


Washing windows on a sunny day

It isn’t wise to wash your windows when the sun is out and bright. It’s often wiser to wait till the weather is a bit cloudy and dark.

The same way it gets messy when you wash your car on sunny days, washing the windows would not turn out so nice because the sun’s heat will dry the windows up quickly and smear it up. All that work would have been for nothing.


Placing toilet paper roll “under” instead of “over”

For a really long time, the issue of the right way to place the toilet paper has been a debate so much that the topic has become a legend. According to surveys, the number of people who prefer placing the roll over are more than those who prefer placing it under. The person who invented toilet paper has also said it is better to place it a way that the paper rolls over and not emerging from “under” the roll.

The logic behind this is this: when you’re in the restroom and the toilet paper is placed to roll over, you tend to touch less of the other parts of the paper with the same hand you use to clean your backside. Another reason is to prevent the paper from touching the walls where you can find a lot of bacteria.


Taking your shoes off inside your home


In many cultures, taking off your shoes is customary before you can step into a home. People in Japan even own a different pair of slippers which they wear only when they’re in the toilet.

The practice of taking off your shoes before stepping into the house can be traced back to a simple reason: to avoid staining the floors, rugs and carpets with mud and dirt from the outdoors. In addition, your shoe soles house bacteria perfectly, thus, taking off your shoes before you get into the house ensures that you and your family members are not infected with different illnesses.


Dusting after you vacuum


To a lot of us, it’s only logical to dust after vacuuming to add that last cleaning touch and give our homes a nice sparkle. But in reality, it’s wiser to dust before vacuuming.


Why? So that you can clean up the particles that will fall to the ground as you dust. Besides, you should dust properly, beginning from surfaces that are high and gradually advancing towards the lower ones. This way, you’ll get rid of a greater part of the dust before sweeping it all up with the vacuum.


Moving the vacuum brush in one direction


In vacuuming, the major mistakes common to many of us are that we either vacuum in a single direction or we move the cleaner in quick back and forth movements. Neither of these movements are helpful in obtaining the best cleaning results.

Cleaning experts advise that vacuuming be done in two directions and in rows. First, you take the brush forward and get to the end of the row. Dust and arrange the carpet before going back along the same row. It would be easier to vacuum the entire room properly with this technique.


Leaving your curtains open on a sunny day

It definitely feels good to let some sun into your house; It makes your home warm and vibrant. But it has one big disadvantage: your furniture, art, and carpeting will lose their colors and get less vibrant with time because of the UV rays. To keep your favorite sofas and cushions safe, the best thing to do is keep them in areas of the house that are shaded.

If you’d rather not rearrange your furniture, another way to keep them safe is to keep your window blinds or curtains down on really sunny days. You can also try out window films as the ones with high-quality are UV anti-reflective, bouncing back up to 99.9% of rays.


Placing your doormat in the wrong position

Doormats are one of the barriers that prevent dirt from getting into our homes. As you step on the doormat, it receives a huge amount of dirt rom your shoes. Placing a rectangular doormat in the lengthwise position rather than the width-wise means you’ll have more steps to take before you get to cross the door. This means that the doormat will scrape off more dirt from your shoes.


Removing dust under artificial lightning

With natural light, it’s easier to see particles of dust. You must have seen the flying particles before when looking at a light beam. For this reason, dusting in the home is best done on bright, sunny days to enable you point out the dusty areas with ease and clean the exact spots. With artificial light, you may not see the dusty areas clearly and this means you’ll have to re-do the cleaning in the morning when you see the outcome.


Cleaning the window frames after the panes

When you clean your windows, keep in mind that you find the most dirt on the window sills and panes. Therefore, the first thing to clean shouldn’t be the window pane. You should remove all the dirt and dust on the sills and frames of the window using a vacuum cleaner before using a cleaning solution to wash the pane.

The panes should be washed only when the frames have been cleaned. Doing it the other way round will transfer some of the dirt on the frame to the pane you just cleaned and you’d have to repeat the cleaning process over and over again.